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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Kerala, your ideal Monsoon vacation spot

The best time to experience the vividness of nature is monsoon and Kerala can be said to be one of the most alluring places to visit during this time of the year. During this time, the state’s backwaters are surrounded by lush greenery, waterfalls appear inviting and the entire landscape covers itself with a refreshed look. Rains have a distinctive charm in Kerala; below are some of the unique experiences you can explore on your monsoon vacation:

The backwaters: The magical backwaters of Kerala bring to mind green backdrop and floating houseboats, in monsoon this picture becomes even better.  The sound of rains hitting the roof of the houseboat, viewing the rain from the houseboat window, enjoying the raindrops fall on you while you are absorbing the refreshing view around, sipping hot coffee amidst the clouds on your moving houseboat or enjoying a conversation with your loved one; the joy of these simple things will captivate you. To make the most of your Kerala trip, be sure to add Alleppey, the backwaters hub to your list.

Ayurveda goodness: Pampering oneself with rejuvenating spa treatments during a monsoon vacation is complete bliss, something you will feel after an ayurvedic spa indulgence in Kerala. The Ayurveda treatments of Kerala are world renowned for their effectiveness; from bringing down stress levels to tackling health issues, you are certain to find a cure for every problem here. Soak up the aroma of the herbs and let nature’s magic woo your senses. Kovalam is the best place to indulge in herbal spa therapy and laze around by the beach side thereafter.

Explore the wild life sanctuaries: Kerala is home to more than ten wild life sanctuaries, which during monsoons are buzzing with greenery and freshness. Watching elephants in a playful mood enjoying the rains or spotting a deer running around trying to escape the raindrops; these rare sights can be witnessed the best in Kerala. Chenthuruni, Aralam and Wayanad are a few of the sanctuaries that are open during monsoons, be sure to visit one of them and take back picture perfect memories of your wildlife expedition.

Kerala truly looks like abode of the gods during monsoons and has a unique charm. Nature scattered around and the scenic views become even more enticing and inviting at this time. So pack your bags and be ready to get drenched this June.

By Kuncheria Thomas

A Refreshing Holiday to Kerala

When it comes to choosing a summer vacation spot, we are certain to pick a hill station. This vacation season we decide to explore the state of Kerala. My gang of friends had to plan a 5-day Kerala trip and visit places that would be soothing enough for the senses and visually appealing too.

With 5 days to make the most of the holidays, we four friends decided to cover four destinations: Cochin – Munnar – Thekkady- Alleppey. We had decide to travel by train, thus our arrival city was Cochin. From there we planned to head to Munnar, relax there for two days, then move to Thekkady and conclude our trip with a relaxing houseboat experience in Alleppey.

The journey:

Our mission to make summers pleasant began when we arrived at the Ernakulam station. Our train arrived at 1.30 pm in the afternoon, giving us time to travel to Munnar before the sunset. Our car journey from Cochin to Munnar was around four hours long but the greenery around kept us charmed throughout along with the local street food that we kept feasting all the way. As we were nearing Munnar, the temperature started to fall and the surroundings felt pleasant. The Grand Plaza hotel, welcomed us with an amazing view of the hills. We wanted to just enjoy the view of the hills from our room’s window but then there was something enticing we were about to witness. Leaving our bags unpacked, we rushed to the Blossom Park. The sight of hundreds of colourful flowers around along with a lake, made the view seem like we were in a dreamland. The boat ride was the best part of the day, I must say.

Day 2 arrived and we were ready to explore the natural wonders of Munnar. The Mattupetty dam was our first destination and what a splendid view it was! The clean and clear lake, the dam and the green cover that was spread till our eyes could see. After this pleasant sight it was time to visit our next destination, the Rajmalalai wildlife sanctuary. All we wanted to do in the lush green jungle was spot the Nilgiri Thar which we weren’t lucky enough to spot. However on our expedition, we did manage to see squirrels, the Nilgiri langoor and elephants. We retired for the day with a lavish open-air dinner at our hotel, recollecting our experiences.


On the third day of our trip, we had planned an entire day in the Periyar wildlife sanctuary. We bid adieu to our hotel and were looking forward to the next adventure. We were lucky enough to spot a tiger from a far distance, this surely was the best experience I and my group of friends could ever have together. We zoomed our camera lenses to capture the moment and till date the experience is fresh in our memories. Elephant ride was the next best thing we experienced, the elephants walking at their own pace and their group members following them all in a line and well behaved, a sight can make anyone fall in love with them. As the sun began to set, we were made to head to our tree-top room! Spending the night atop a tree in a dense jungle which is home to numerous animals, seemed like thrilling adventure and it was so in every sense.

Holiday Resorts in Kerala

After the jungle adventure we reserved our fourth day in Kerala for a backwater splendor. The region of Alleppey played perfect host to us. Since we wanted to escape the heat during the day time, we skipped the long distance destination and visited a coir factory instead. The livelihood of a huge population of this region depends upon the cottage industry of coir making. We were amazed to see the skill and speed at which the workers were working.

After the factory visit we arrived at the houseboat where we had the whole evening and night to spend. The best memory of the backwaters was watching the sunset and the colour of the sky change thereafter. Later an open-air dinner followed, where we could hear the water sounds and feel the tranquil around. Saying hello to a new day on a houseboat was something I wish I could to every single day of my life. With the beautiful beginning of our fifth day in Kerala, it was also time to say goodbye to god’s own country and travel back home. With packed bags and loads of memories and fun times, we headed back to the Ernakulam station. The time we spent in Kerala, from May 3 – May7, 2013 gave us the required dose of adventure, natural bliss and relief from the scorching summer. If you want to explore south in summers, I suggest you visit Kerala.

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