Thursday, April 11, 2013

Visit Tamil Nadu and fall in love with its rich cultural dance forms

Tamil Nadu is hugely popular amongst tourists for its divine temples, which are an integral part of its rich cultural heritage. If you thought your visit to this state will solely be restricted to visiting holy shrines, then you need to think again. With more than 10 distinctive dance forms that are visually appealing, high on energy and brilliantly narrate stories about the state’s rich culture, you are sure to be charmed. Here are a few dance forms, you must watch on your tour to Tamil Nadu and we promise you will come back here for these:

Bharat Natyam: Bharat Natyam, the famous classical dance-form we all know about, originates from the state of Tamil Nadu. You must have watched a Bharat Natyam performance before, but watching it in the state where it belongs is a different experience altogether. When dancers with years of devoted practice and passion dress up in the colourful attires come along and dance to the live carnatic music to tell mythological tales, the sight is truly enthralling. On a festive occasion or a cultural get together, you are sure to witness one Bharat Natyam performance on your visit to this state.

 Kola kal attam: Also known as the dance of false legs, in Kola kal attam dance the dancers create an illusion of height using wooden legs which are as tall as six feet. This dance form demands a high degree of patience and balance from the performer’s end and the people who perform it do it with sheer expertise without a single error your eye can spot.  

Snake dance: The belief that snakes are protective and symbols of good health and prosperity made snake dance one of the most practiced folk dance of Tamil Nadu. The dancers dressed in fake snake skins make use of their hand movements and the entire body to look as flexible as that of snakes and amaze the audiences.

If you are a lover of vibrant and rich art, then there is nothing better than the dance forms of Tamil Nadu. The gracefulness of dancers, soothing music and never before seen gestural narration of stories from our glorious past will leave you wanting for more. On your visit to this state, make sure to catch at least one live dance performance that belongs to this soil and you will thoroughly enjoy the experience.


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