Thursday, April 11, 2013

Be charmed by natural bliss at Kodaikanal

Alluring and forever inviting, probably two of the many words one can use to describe Kodaikanal, the soothing hill station of Tamil Nadu. The proximity to nature you feel here is impossible to be felt anywhere else, and the ways in which you can explore Kodikanal’s beauty are fascinating in themselves. We have listed below some of the must-do activities and itineraries of this hill station.

 Cycling around the Kodai Lake: Kodai lake is a manmade lake built during the British era and presently provides most splendid natural views to its visitors. The lush greenery this lake is surrounded by and the Palani hills that are its main water source can be best experienced and viewed while cycling or horse riding. If you love adventure and wish to include it in your trips then you will love this place. The thrill of cycling along the lake, watching the locals, halting by a beautiful sight and capturing it in your camera will surely add to your cherished memories.

 Dolphin’s Nose: The Dolphin’s Nose will attract you with its beauty and tranquility. This is a famous tourist spot comprising of rocks which from a distance look like a Dolphin’s nose. You can sit on these rocks which are surrounded by hills and greenery around and be amazed at their sight. Come here alone to experience solace or with your loved ones, every moment spent here will be heavenly.

 Kodaikanal solar observatory: Kodaikanal is home to the world’s oldest solar observatory. Established in the eighteenth century, this observatory has been working hard to de-code the power of solar energy and its uses. The place is open to visitors and can give you insights into many facts about solar power that you are unaware about. If you love reading you can spend a few hours in the observatory’s library which is stocked up with some engaging books on Astronomy, solar energy etc.

 Go shopping: Kodikanal is famous for Eucalyptus oil extracted from the locally grown trees. The oil is so pure the local sellers will do an authenticity test for you without you even asking for it. You cannot miss falling in love with the homemade chocolates and taking them back home. Many things will catch your attention in the local markets including spices and earthenware, making it tough for you to decide what to bring back. Whatever reason brings you to Kodaikanal, eventually you will fall for this quiet and peaceful hill station. Do plan to stay here for a few days or at least a weekend to thoroughly experience the essence of this place.


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