Monday, March 4, 2013

A Comprehensive guide to the city of Chennai

Chennai, one of the premiere cities of South India, has its own distinctive identity. The city’s multi-faceted persona flows through its opulent culture, vivacious people, architectural marvels and breathtaking beaches. We bring to you the most celebrated sights Chennai city has in store for you.

What Chennai has to offer you?

If you have planned a Chennai  trip, you are guaranteed to have a vibrant and lively experience. Whether it is exploring the nook and corners, visiting the centuries old skillfully carved architectural structures or the beaches; you will be pleasantly surprised in every encounter. What is the best time to visit Chennai? The ideal time to visit Chennai is between the months of November and February. Chennai is a hot and humid city, most of the year and is relatively pleasant during the onset of winters. The Must-visit tourist attractions:

Marina Beach: Marina beach is the best place to begin your day watching the sun rise or spending a relaxed evening watching the sun set. The backdrop of palm trees, friendly locals and the long stretch of the beachside will leave you with a thoroughly unique experience.

 Kapuleshswara Temple: Dedicated to lord Shiva, the Kapuleshwara temple is the oldest temple in Chennai. The beauty of this temple lies in its vibrantly carved architecture. The pyramid shaped towers of the shrine are sure to catch your eye from a long distance and once you enter the temple you will be filled with tranquility. Fort Museum: The Fort museum is a reminder of the British era in India. The ten different galleries of the museum display the swords, pistols, medals, porcelain ware, coins and many such items that were a part of British Raj, once upon a time. History is well-preserved and alive at the Fort museum.

Local Cuisine: Chennai is a foodie’s paradise! From the famous idlis, spicy rasam to tangy chutneys, the local food is worth relishing. The aroma coming from the local food stalls is bound to force you to dig in the simple yet full of flavor dishes.


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