Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Mysore, city of simple yet unique experiences

Mysore is a culturally rich and vibrant city of in Karnataka. From palaces that exude a royal charm to markets that are bustling with the fragrance of jasmine, sandalwood and Mysore Paks; there is a lot one can witness and experience when in this city. We bring to you some very distinct sights and activities you must surely do when on a Mysore tour.  

Visit the Mysore Palace: The Mysore palace is a reminder of the royal era, its architecture, stained glasses and chandeliers boast grandeur in every sense. Artistic brilliance lives in this structure which is spread across a vast area and transports its visitors into a majestic world. If you happen to visit this building on a Sunday or a public holiday, your eyes will witness a magical view of the illuminated Mysore palace.  

Shop at the Devaraja Market: Wish to know the local flavor of Mysore? There is no better place than Devaraja market. Watch the hawkers sell vibrant locally grown spices or fruit sellers selling different varieties of bananas or taste the freshly made Mysore Pak at a sweet store; you will take back great memories from here.  

Mysore Zoo: The Mysore zoo is a must-visit for animal lovers, especially the ones who wish to do their bit to preserve the wildlife. Rhinos, bears, elephants and even exotic birds, at this zoo you can watch them and also sponsor a meal of your favorite for a specific time period. You can thus make a difference in saving the endangered species and contributing towards their welfare here.

 Located closely to Mysore, there are two more destinations you must visit are: Bangalore and Ooty. The garden city, Bangalore is a refreshing reminder of rich cultural and well-preserved natural surroundings and technologically ahead city. A visit to the Lalbaugh gardens, Bangalore palace and Cubbon parkPark is must for every visitor here. Your visit to the state of Karnataka will be incomplete without an Ooty trip. Be wooed by the cascading St. Catherine's falls, enjoy the sight of the rose garden or treat your eyes to the view of Nilgiri hills that surround this hill station; escaping the charm of this place is impossible.


Thanks for your grateful informations, am working in Tourism Portal, so it will be helpful info for my works.

Great info. i liked most Mysore palace during my tour to Mysore because of it's magnificent architecture.

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