Thursday, January 31, 2013

Ooty Tourism; nature’s abode and manmade wonder

Hill stations are always a perfect retreat for the entire family, visiting Ooty will make you feel this in every sense. Whether a newly married couple, family or a short break alone away from the hustle and bustle of city life; a tour to Ooty will leave you relaxed and awestruck by nature’s beauty. Below are some of the most popular destinations Ooty has to offer:

Rose garden: Ooty is home to India’s largest rose garden where you can find more than 20,000 varieties of roses! The sight of this garden is truly a visual treat. This place is a must visit for every visitor and will surely make you marvel at nature’s beauty.

Deer Park: For the wildlife adventurers, Ooty’s deer park is the ideal spot. Enjoy the beautiful view spread across acres of land and go deer spotting. Take your camera along and you could get to capture some rare moments too.

Ooty lake and Kalhatti Falls: The Ooty lake and Kalhatti falls will leave you mesmerized by their beauty. At the Ooty lake, you can experience peace with your loved ones on a boat ride across 65 acres. The Kalhatti falls on the other hand will charm you with their mystical presence.

St. Stephen's Church: revisit the Gothic era at St. Stephen Church and marvel at the man-made beauty you witness here. The artistically done interiors and the spectacular inside view will give you a divine feel. 

Honey and Bee museum: This museum is dedicated completely to efforts that go into making of honey. Right from bee farming to the honey collection process, whatever goes into the making of honey will surely surprise you after visiting the honey and bee museum.

If you are looking for destinations that provide the wholesome experience of nature, wildlife and man-made beauty, then a tour to Ooty awaits you!


Charming hill station, would say that it's one of the must visit place in India

A very comprehensive post about Ooty indeed covering topic as diverse as sightseeing attractions.

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