Thursday, January 31, 2013

Experience the Majestic waterfalls of Kerala

Nature’s gifts can be found in abundance in the state of Kerala, no denial about this fact. One of the many such natural marvels one can enjoy in this state are the soothing waterfalls. The milky white water, gushing through tall hills and dashing the rocks, when meets your eyes is bound to create a magical effect. The famous Athirapally waterfalls promise a breathtaking view. The beauty of these falls located amidst lush greenery is truly captivating, perfect to bring out the romantic within you. Just a few kilometers away you can enjoy the view of Vazhachal falls. Both the waterfalls have blossomed out of the Chalakkudy River, which is the fourth largest river in Kerala. The waterfalls of Palaruvi will give a sight that will leave you awestruck. Palaruvi means a milky stream; this is exactly how the waterfalls appear alongside the lush green woods. Kerala tourism has many more such waterfalls that will serve as idyllic sightseeing spots for you. Whether you like nature photography or love being in the woods for hours, a dedicated tour to explore the numerous waterfalls that God’s own country has to offer is a must. Visit Kerala and experience the natural bliss yourself!


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