Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Cochin, city that recites history

The city of Cochin can serve as a reminder of the past eras; on the other hand it can also be called as one of the most advanced cities the state of Kerala. From the Chinese fishing nets, historic architectural structures to the churches, every spot here has a story to tell.

Dutch palace: The Dutch palace, also known as the Mattancherry Palace will remind you of the Portuguese era and the rich Indian heritage. This palace was constructed by the Portuguese which is the reason one can find many elements of their culture in its architecture. It was gifted to the Rajah of Kochi, who further made alterations in the palace and added the Indian appeal to it. The two storeyed palace has beautiful depiction of Hindu gods and tells numerous mythological stories. The interiors of this historical structure are adorned by artwork that will astonish you.

Chinese fishing nets: When in Cochin you cannot miss the sight of Chinese fishing nets spread across the Kochi fort beach. Installed by the side of the beach, these nets are different from the usual fishing nets. These are huge nets, supported by bamboos installed at the shore. It is said that the Chinese introduced these unique and useful fishing nets here and since then have become an inseparable part of the local fishermen, supporting their daily bread.

St Francis Church: St Francis church reflects the European era in India and is also the oldest European church built in India. The gravestone of Vasco Da Gama here is a major tourist attraction for Cochin tourism. There you are bound to go into the depths of the historic events the church has witnessed . Not very often one gets to see and experience history as closely as in the St Francis church , and this can be best felt only when you visit it.


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