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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Go Temple Touring in Kerala

Kerala, best known as the ‘God’s Own Country’, is not just abundant in natural beauty but also is rich in its age-old temples. Widely known for its uniqueness in customs, rituals, structure, offerings and festivals, the temples of Kerala are worth a visit on your next trip down south. Read more on some famous temples in Kerala.

Sri Padmanabhaswamy Temple:  Dedicated to Lord Vishnu, this temple is located inside the east fort in Thiruvananthapuram. In the sanctum sanctorum of the temple, Sri Padmanabha reclines on the serpent Adi Sesha. The Lord holds a Shiva lingam on his right hand with his two consorts, Sridevi and Bhudevi, by his side. One of the most famous temples of Kerala, this temple is a must visit for any travel enthusiast.
Sri Padmanabhaswamy Temple

Guruvayoor Temple:  Known as the Dwaraka of South India, the Guruvayoor Temple harbours Lord Vishnu in the form of Krishna. An important place of worship for Hindus, the idol in this temple is a known for its form as revealed to Krishna’s parents Vasudeva and Devaki. Visit this temple for the sheer beauty of the great Guruvayoorappa.

Guruvayoor Temple

Ambalappuzha Sri Krishna Temple:  Built in the year AD 790, the Ammbalappuzha Sri Krishna Temple is known for its palpayasam nevaidyam. It is believed that Guruvayoorappan comes to this temple daily to have the payasam nevaidyam. So if you have a weakness for delicious payasams, Ambalapuzha is the place to be.

Ambalappuzha Sri Krishna Temple

The three temples mentioned here are just a prelude to the long list of unique temples that are strewn across the beautiful state of Kerala. If you’re headed south, make sure temple hopping is amongst the top 5 things you would want to do in there.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Kerala in the Monsoons

Kerala has welcomed the monsoon showers and is all set to look its picturesque best! During monsoons nature’s wonders blossom and provide more than a pleasing picture.

Enjoy the monsoons in Kerala with Kerala Holiday Mart
Kerala in the Monsoons
Kerala can be easily counted amongst the most sought after monsoon holiday destinations of India, below we tell you why.  

The vibrant touch: Natural hues are the best hues one will ever see and god’s own country provides this in abundance. Water lilies, in eye catchy colours of white, purple and pink can be seen mushrooming across backwaters or the Chinese creeper, these vibrant flowers create a spectacular view for you to cherish. You will also witness a burst of greenery all around; whether it’s the hill station of Munnar that will give you the refreshing view of hills covered with clouds or Cochin, which serves as a reminder of rains in a city and adds its distinct colours to the backdrop.

Munnar Tour - A must on a Holiday to Kerala
Munnar, enviable at it's best
Waterfalls: If you wish to enjoy the rains, it has to include waterfalls. When the rain gods shower upon Kerala, the waterfalls show their real charm. Crystal clear water flowing from great heights, making thundering sounds and casting a spell in the atmosphere, this can be best experienced at the Athirapally waterfalls. One can actually go exploring and find many such marvels during monsoons in Kerala.

Kerala Waterfalls - Thissur
Waterfalls in Kerala
During the rains, along with the waterfalls and the colourful landscape hot filter coffee and local food will give you great company. Whether you crave for the authentic south Indian meal or want to get drenched in the rain surrounded by tranquility and aura of freshness, Kerala certainly has everything that fits a monsoon vacation.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Kerala, your ideal Monsoon vacation spot

The best time to experience the vividness of nature is monsoon and Kerala can be said to be one of the most alluring places to visit during this time of the year. During this time, the state’s backwaters are surrounded by lush greenery, waterfalls appear inviting and the entire landscape covers itself with a refreshed look. Rains have a distinctive charm in Kerala; below are some of the unique experiences you can explore on your monsoon vacation:

The backwaters: The magical backwaters of Kerala bring to mind green backdrop and floating houseboats, in monsoon this picture becomes even better.  The sound of rains hitting the roof of the houseboat, viewing the rain from the houseboat window, enjoying the raindrops fall on you while you are absorbing the refreshing view around, sipping hot coffee amidst the clouds on your moving houseboat or enjoying a conversation with your loved one; the joy of these simple things will captivate you. To make the most of your Kerala trip, be sure to add Alleppey, the backwaters hub to your list.

Ayurveda goodness: Pampering oneself with rejuvenating spa treatments during a monsoon vacation is complete bliss, something you will feel after an ayurvedic spa indulgence in Kerala. The Ayurveda treatments of Kerala are world renowned for their effectiveness; from bringing down stress levels to tackling health issues, you are certain to find a cure for every problem here. Soak up the aroma of the herbs and let nature’s magic woo your senses. Kovalam is the best place to indulge in herbal spa therapy and laze around by the beach side thereafter.

Explore the wild life sanctuaries: Kerala is home to more than ten wild life sanctuaries, which during monsoons are buzzing with greenery and freshness. Watching elephants in a playful mood enjoying the rains or spotting a deer running around trying to escape the raindrops; these rare sights can be witnessed the best in Kerala. Chenthuruni, Aralam and Wayanad are a few of the sanctuaries that are open during monsoons, be sure to visit one of them and take back picture perfect memories of your wildlife expedition.

Kerala truly looks like abode of the gods during monsoons and has a unique charm. Nature scattered around and the scenic views become even more enticing and inviting at this time. So pack your bags and be ready to get drenched this June.

By Kuncheria Thomas

A Refreshing Holiday to Kerala

When it comes to choosing a summer vacation spot, we are certain to pick a hill station. This vacation season we decide to explore the state of Kerala. My gang of friends had to plan a 5-day Kerala trip and visit places that would be soothing enough for the senses and visually appealing too.

With 5 days to make the most of the holidays, we four friends decided to cover four destinations: Cochin – Munnar – Thekkady- Alleppey. We had decide to travel by train, thus our arrival city was Cochin. From there we planned to head to Munnar, relax there for two days, then move to Thekkady and conclude our trip with a relaxing houseboat experience in Alleppey.

The journey:

Our mission to make summers pleasant began when we arrived at the Ernakulam station. Our train arrived at 1.30 pm in the afternoon, giving us time to travel to Munnar before the sunset. Our car journey from Cochin to Munnar was around four hours long but the greenery around kept us charmed throughout along with the local street food that we kept feasting all the way. As we were nearing Munnar, the temperature started to fall and the surroundings felt pleasant. The Grand Plaza hotel, welcomed us with an amazing view of the hills. We wanted to just enjoy the view of the hills from our room’s window but then there was something enticing we were about to witness. Leaving our bags unpacked, we rushed to the Blossom Park. The sight of hundreds of colourful flowers around along with a lake, made the view seem like we were in a dreamland. The boat ride was the best part of the day, I must say.

Day 2 arrived and we were ready to explore the natural wonders of Munnar. The Mattupetty dam was our first destination and what a splendid view it was! The clean and clear lake, the dam and the green cover that was spread till our eyes could see. After this pleasant sight it was time to visit our next destination, the Rajmalalai wildlife sanctuary. All we wanted to do in the lush green jungle was spot the Nilgiri Thar which we weren’t lucky enough to spot. However on our expedition, we did manage to see squirrels, the Nilgiri langoor and elephants. We retired for the day with a lavish open-air dinner at our hotel, recollecting our experiences.


On the third day of our trip, we had planned an entire day in the Periyar wildlife sanctuary. We bid adieu to our hotel and were looking forward to the next adventure. We were lucky enough to spot a tiger from a far distance, this surely was the best experience I and my group of friends could ever have together. We zoomed our camera lenses to capture the moment and till date the experience is fresh in our memories. Elephant ride was the next best thing we experienced, the elephants walking at their own pace and their group members following them all in a line and well behaved, a sight can make anyone fall in love with them. As the sun began to set, we were made to head to our tree-top room! Spending the night atop a tree in a dense jungle which is home to numerous animals, seemed like thrilling adventure and it was so in every sense.

Holiday Resorts in Kerala

After the jungle adventure we reserved our fourth day in Kerala for a backwater splendor. The region of Alleppey played perfect host to us. Since we wanted to escape the heat during the day time, we skipped the long distance destination and visited a coir factory instead. The livelihood of a huge population of this region depends upon the cottage industry of coir making. We were amazed to see the skill and speed at which the workers were working.

After the factory visit we arrived at the houseboat where we had the whole evening and night to spend. The best memory of the backwaters was watching the sunset and the colour of the sky change thereafter. Later an open-air dinner followed, where we could hear the water sounds and feel the tranquil around. Saying hello to a new day on a houseboat was something I wish I could to every single day of my life. With the beautiful beginning of our fifth day in Kerala, it was also time to say goodbye to god’s own country and travel back home. With packed bags and loads of memories and fun times, we headed back to the Ernakulam station. The time we spent in Kerala, from May 3 – May7, 2013 gave us the required dose of adventure, natural bliss and relief from the scorching summer. If you want to explore south in summers, I suggest you visit Kerala.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Be charmed by natural bliss at Kodaikanal

Alluring and forever inviting, probably two of the many words one can use to describe Kodaikanal, the soothing hill station of Tamil Nadu. The proximity to nature you feel here is impossible to be felt anywhere else, and the ways in which you can explore Kodikanal’s beauty are fascinating in themselves. We have listed below some of the must-do activities and itineraries of this hill station.

 Cycling around the Kodai Lake: Kodai lake is a manmade lake built during the British era and presently provides most splendid natural views to its visitors. The lush greenery this lake is surrounded by and the Palani hills that are its main water source can be best experienced and viewed while cycling or horse riding. If you love adventure and wish to include it in your trips then you will love this place. The thrill of cycling along the lake, watching the locals, halting by a beautiful sight and capturing it in your camera will surely add to your cherished memories.

 Dolphin’s Nose: The Dolphin’s Nose will attract you with its beauty and tranquility. This is a famous tourist spot comprising of rocks which from a distance look like a Dolphin’s nose. You can sit on these rocks which are surrounded by hills and greenery around and be amazed at their sight. Come here alone to experience solace or with your loved ones, every moment spent here will be heavenly.

 Kodaikanal solar observatory: Kodaikanal is home to the world’s oldest solar observatory. Established in the eighteenth century, this observatory has been working hard to de-code the power of solar energy and its uses. The place is open to visitors and can give you insights into many facts about solar power that you are unaware about. If you love reading you can spend a few hours in the observatory’s library which is stocked up with some engaging books on Astronomy, solar energy etc.

 Go shopping: Kodikanal is famous for Eucalyptus oil extracted from the locally grown trees. The oil is so pure the local sellers will do an authenticity test for you without you even asking for it. You cannot miss falling in love with the homemade chocolates and taking them back home. Many things will catch your attention in the local markets including spices and earthenware, making it tough for you to decide what to bring back. Whatever reason brings you to Kodaikanal, eventually you will fall for this quiet and peaceful hill station. Do plan to stay here for a few days or at least a weekend to thoroughly experience the essence of this place.

Visit Tamil Nadu and fall in love with its rich cultural dance forms

Tamil Nadu is hugely popular amongst tourists for its divine temples, which are an integral part of its rich cultural heritage. If you thought your visit to this state will solely be restricted to visiting holy shrines, then you need to think again. With more than 10 distinctive dance forms that are visually appealing, high on energy and brilliantly narrate stories about the state’s rich culture, you are sure to be charmed. Here are a few dance forms, you must watch on your tour to Tamil Nadu and we promise you will come back here for these:

Bharat Natyam: Bharat Natyam, the famous classical dance-form we all know about, originates from the state of Tamil Nadu. You must have watched a Bharat Natyam performance before, but watching it in the state where it belongs is a different experience altogether. When dancers with years of devoted practice and passion dress up in the colourful attires come along and dance to the live carnatic music to tell mythological tales, the sight is truly enthralling. On a festive occasion or a cultural get together, you are sure to witness one Bharat Natyam performance on your visit to this state.

 Kola kal attam: Also known as the dance of false legs, in Kola kal attam dance the dancers create an illusion of height using wooden legs which are as tall as six feet. This dance form demands a high degree of patience and balance from the performer’s end and the people who perform it do it with sheer expertise without a single error your eye can spot.  

Snake dance: The belief that snakes are protective and symbols of good health and prosperity made snake dance one of the most practiced folk dance of Tamil Nadu. The dancers dressed in fake snake skins make use of their hand movements and the entire body to look as flexible as that of snakes and amaze the audiences.

If you are a lover of vibrant and rich art, then there is nothing better than the dance forms of Tamil Nadu. The gracefulness of dancers, soothing music and never before seen gestural narration of stories from our glorious past will leave you wanting for more. On your visit to this state, make sure to catch at least one live dance performance that belongs to this soil and you will thoroughly enjoy the experience.

Monday, March 4, 2013

A Comprehensive guide to the city of Chennai

Chennai, one of the premiere cities of South India, has its own distinctive identity. The city’s multi-faceted persona flows through its opulent culture, vivacious people, architectural marvels and breathtaking beaches. We bring to you the most celebrated sights Chennai city has in store for you.

What Chennai has to offer you?

If you have planned a Chennai  trip, you are guaranteed to have a vibrant and lively experience. Whether it is exploring the nook and corners, visiting the centuries old skillfully carved architectural structures or the beaches; you will be pleasantly surprised in every encounter. What is the best time to visit Chennai? The ideal time to visit Chennai is between the months of November and February. Chennai is a hot and humid city, most of the year and is relatively pleasant during the onset of winters. The Must-visit tourist attractions:

Marina Beach: Marina beach is the best place to begin your day watching the sun rise or spending a relaxed evening watching the sun set. The backdrop of palm trees, friendly locals and the long stretch of the beachside will leave you with a thoroughly unique experience.

 Kapuleshswara Temple: Dedicated to lord Shiva, the Kapuleshwara temple is the oldest temple in Chennai. The beauty of this temple lies in its vibrantly carved architecture. The pyramid shaped towers of the shrine are sure to catch your eye from a long distance and once you enter the temple you will be filled with tranquility. Fort Museum: The Fort museum is a reminder of the British era in India. The ten different galleries of the museum display the swords, pistols, medals, porcelain ware, coins and many such items that were a part of British Raj, once upon a time. History is well-preserved and alive at the Fort museum.

Local Cuisine: Chennai is a foodie’s paradise! From the famous idlis, spicy rasam to tangy chutneys, the local food is worth relishing. The aroma coming from the local food stalls is bound to force you to dig in the simple yet full of flavor dishes.

Enjoy the Serene Backwaters of Kerala

The state of Kerala is synonymous with natural beauty in abundance especially of its pristine backwaters and beaches. There are endless experiences this state has got to offer to the water lovers. If you are a traveler who loves to explore the sun-kissed beaches or wants to feel the real essence of Kerala in its backwaters, we have the ideal holiday plan for you! An ideal Kerala tour can be stretched across three to four days, wherein the first two days you can indulge in the beachside encounters and the rest two days can be spent lazing around in the backwaters. Cochin and Alleppey can be the ultimate destinations to enjoy the soul of Kerala and its scenic views.

 The city of Cochin: Cochin can be said to be the perfect blend of traditional and contemporary ideologies, you will be able to experience this on your visit here. The must-visit places of Cochin city include: Cherrai beach, Mattancherry palace and Fort Cochin.

 Cherrai beach: A visit to the Cherai beach is highly recommended for the beach lovers. You will completely surrender your senses to the view of palm trees, jolly locals, aroma and vibrancy of the local food and the beauty of the sun as it sets. Mattancherry Palace: The Mattancherry palace can give you a glimpse of the rich culture of Kerala. Whether the artistic murals on the palace walls, the lord Shiva and Krishna temples built within the palace premises or the portraits of the kings who once ruled Cochin, there is grandness in everything here.  

Fort Cochin: Surrounded by the Arabian Sea is the region of Fort Cochin. The sight of Chinese fishing nets will let you know you have arrived here. These nets were introduced in this region in the 14th century by the Chinese natives and have been present here since then. This place is best to bring out the photography enthusiast in you, with every possible area having a unique tale to tell, be it the St. Francis church or the Jewish Synagogue.  

Alleppey: Alleppey is a quiet village of Kerala where you can witness some of the most beautiful facets of nature. Surrounded by backwaters, this town has its own charm and celebrates simplicity. The unique houseboat experiences and the local coir factories are the finest the gems Alleppey treasures and preserves. Houseboat experience: The backwaters of Kerala reside in the heart of Alleppey. You will be amazed to find some of the most luxurious houseboats sailing you across the lush-green backwaters and letting you enjoy nature at its best. You can try your hand at fishing, feel the early morning cool breeze or gaze at the sky from your boathouse window; simple yet very memorable experiences only Alleppey can give you.

 Coir factories: The coir factories located in Alleppey region are a source of living for many. You will be surprised to see the efficiency and skill put in by the workers here to make the fine ropes. Kerala is renowned for these, on your visit to one such factory you will get to know the reason why. Kerala can certainly be your imagined getaway with its beaches, backwaters, architecture, food and culture.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Mysore, city of simple yet unique experiences

Mysore is a culturally rich and vibrant city of in Karnataka. From palaces that exude a royal charm to markets that are bustling with the fragrance of jasmine, sandalwood and Mysore Paks; there is a lot one can witness and experience when in this city. We bring to you some very distinct sights and activities you must surely do when on a Mysore tour.  

Visit the Mysore Palace: The Mysore palace is a reminder of the royal era, its architecture, stained glasses and chandeliers boast grandeur in every sense. Artistic brilliance lives in this structure which is spread across a vast area and transports its visitors into a majestic world. If you happen to visit this building on a Sunday or a public holiday, your eyes will witness a magical view of the illuminated Mysore palace.  

Shop at the Devaraja Market: Wish to know the local flavor of Mysore? There is no better place than Devaraja market. Watch the hawkers sell vibrant locally grown spices or fruit sellers selling different varieties of bananas or taste the freshly made Mysore Pak at a sweet store; you will take back great memories from here.  

Mysore Zoo: The Mysore zoo is a must-visit for animal lovers, especially the ones who wish to do their bit to preserve the wildlife. Rhinos, bears, elephants and even exotic birds, at this zoo you can watch them and also sponsor a meal of your favorite for a specific time period. You can thus make a difference in saving the endangered species and contributing towards their welfare here.

 Located closely to Mysore, there are two more destinations you must visit are: Bangalore and Ooty. The garden city, Bangalore is a refreshing reminder of rich cultural and well-preserved natural surroundings and technologically ahead city. A visit to the Lalbaugh gardens, Bangalore palace and Cubbon parkPark is must for every visitor here. Your visit to the state of Karnataka will be incomplete without an Ooty trip. Be wooed by the cascading St. Catherine's falls, enjoy the sight of the rose garden or treat your eyes to the view of Nilgiri hills that surround this hill station; escaping the charm of this place is impossible.

Explore Madurai, the divine city of Temples

Madurai can be best introduced as the city of temples. Situated in the state of Tamil Nadu, this city has a host of spiritually enriching experiences, be it its magnificent temples or and architectural wonders. We have listed below,; some of the must-visit places in one must to include in while opting for a tour to Madurai a Madurai tour.  

Shree Meenakshi Temple: Spread across forty five acres of area, Shree Meenakshi temple is a unique creation of art. one of a kind temple in India. The skillfully crafted beauty of this holy shrine dedicated to goddess Parvati is prominent in its 14 tall gateway towers. With more than thirty thousand sculptures, thousands of daily visitors, fifty priests performing the daily pujas; this temple is a legend in itself. To spend time watching such a sight and converse with god is surely something only Madurai can fulfill.  

Thirumalai Nayak Palace: The Thirumalai Nayak palace was once home to the rulers of Madurai. The white pillars, lavishly designed interiors, brilliantly carved ceilings are a strong reminder of the richness this city has witnessed in the past. A unique light and sound show during the evenings brightens up the palace and creates an enchanting view; a sight that will be stuck in your memory forever.

 Gandhi Museum: The Rani Mangammal palace of Madurai is home to the Gandhi Museum that has preserved stories of India’s freedom struggle. A visit here will take you through an illustration of 265 images, Gandhiji’s biography through his quotes and sculptures and even the artifacts he used. Across India there are five museums dedicated to Mahatma Gandhi which exhibit his ideologies and guard his possessions for us to witness. If you wish to know the essence of simple yet life changing ideas then this is the place to be.

 Madurai, no doubt is one of the finest destinations to visit in Tamil Nadu, in case you are planning a long trip you can easily make time to visit the state’s capital city, Chennai. This city is blessed with beaches, temples and places of historic significance. Whether it’s an evening walk across the Marina beach, the longest beach in India and second in the world or a visit to the Dravidian architectural spectacle Kapaleeshwar temple, the more you explore this city, the more surprises you will come across.

Thiruvananthapuram, where nature, culture & history collide

The capital city of Kerala, Thiruvananthapuram can be easily called a union of culture, nature and architecture. From the wide stretched beaches to the best of ayurvedic spas to the tranquil filled historic spots, this city is complete in itself and can give you an unforgettable holiday experience.

 Kovalam beach: The Kovalam beach is regarded as one of the must-visit destinations in Thiruvananthapuram. The surrounding rocks, swaying coconut trees and the cool sea breeze, makes it a perfect setting for the romantics. The ayurvedic spas and resorts ensures that you pamper yourself in the best possible manner and indulge in pure bliss.

 Kowdiar Palace: Built in the early nineteenth century, the Kowidar palace is an architectural wonder. The entry to this palace is however restricted, but admiring the beauty, royalty and the rich history of its existence from a distance will be a memorable experience. You will surely relive the past glancing through the depths of this stunning man-made wonder.

 Shree Chitra Art Gallery: If there is any place where you can collectively view the best of Indian, mughal and the pre-historic art then it has to be the Shree Chitra art gallery. If you are fond of art and are immensely inspired by it, this place should be on your Kerala visit-list.  

Padmanabha Swamy Temple: The Padmanabha Swamy temple is a holy shrine of lord Vishnu visited by numerous devotees around the year. The statue of Padmanabha Swamy situated in the temple is made up of twelve thousand and eight stones. The exterior of this temple is a seven storeyed Gopuram which is a fine depiction of the cultural heritage of Kerala. Magnificence, grandeur and faith, all these come alive at this historical temple.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

A Perfect Tour to South India

South India is captivating in its own way, from the refreshing backwaters to the soothing hill stations or the holy shrines; the states here are filled with unique experiences that are sure to lure the visitors. We present some of the most splendid and sought after destinations & attractions that south India has to offer:

Kerala tourism: God’s own country, doesn’t need any further introduction, this lush green state of Kerala is widely popular among tourists for its backwaters and hill stations. If you are a newly married couple or planning to relive your romantic moments then there can be nothing better than a honeymoon trip to Kerala. The hill station of Munnar, located in Kerala is also known as the queen of hill stations. If your idea of romance is a beautiful lakeside or a dam surrounded by dense forests, then Mattupetti Dam and the Kundala lake are must-see places here. A Munnar tour is incomplete unless you have a glimpse of the wide stretched tea gardens buzzing with aroma that will linger in your mind for long. Another place that will give you a blissful experience is the Kumarakom village. This tiny village is home to the breathtaking backwaters and houseboats that are equipped with every amenity. Watch the tall coconut trees, try your hand at fishing or just simply laze around, the mesmerizing beauty of backwaters will keep you wooed throughout your stay.

If you plan to have a short romantic vacation, opt from our wide range of Kerala tourism packages which covers the above mentioned destinations.

 Tamil Nadu tourism: The state of Tamil Nadu promises tranquility. The reminder of French era is the town of Pondicherry. From the churches to the Pondicherry museum building, you will find a French connect in the architecture and surroundings here. The beaches here are serene and calm and the ideal sunset watching sights. Pondicherry tourist attractions can be said to be a perfect blend of man made and natural marvels. Tirupati meaning ‘lord of Laxmi’ is a renowned holy town of Tamil Nadu. This town is home to the famous Tirupati Balaji temple and many more significant shrines. A tour to Tirupati will make you witness divinity and tranquility together. The hill stations of Ooty will woo you with its blue hills, rose garden, deer park and the Ooty lake. Ooty is well known for its hospitality and the enthralling natural wonders.

 Karnataka tourism: The state of Karnataka is a fine example of culturally rich and technologically advanced territory. Be ready to astonish yourselves with the historic structures like, the Madikeri fort, Omkarashewara temple and Raja’s seat in your Coorg tour. Coorg, a hill station has abundance of naturally inviting sights of coffee plantations and the Abbey falls. The city of Mysore is where history is alive along with modernism. The Mysore palace, St. Philomena’s Church and the Brindavan gardens can be easily said to be the jewels of Mysore tourism.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Photos - South India Tourism Pictures

Beautiful Ooty

Traditional Cochin

Varkala beach
Wildlife sanctuary
Wildlife Sanctuary in Kerala
Kerala beaches
Beaches of Kerala
kerala boat house
Houseboats in Kerala

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Make Kerala your Ideal Honeymoon Host

For the honeymooners, Kerala can turn out to be the ideal destination. With peaceful atmosphere and greenery scattered all over, the state indeed can set the romantic mood right for a romantic honeymoon. From the calm and soothing backwaters to the breezy and mysterious hill stations, Kerala tourism has endless options for the newly-weds to cherish.

 The Backwaters: A houseboat sailing at its own lazy pace amidst the lush green backwaters can serve as the most cherished memory for you and your spouse. The houseboats in Kerala are equipped with every amenity you could ever think about. The quiet village of Kumarakom is the most preferred destination for people looking for relaxing, reviving and romantic holidays. Wake up in the morning watching the magnificent scenic view, spot some rare species of birds or watch the fishermen fishing or just, the choice is all yours!  

Hill stations: Hill stations are preferred choices when it comes to honeymoons. Munnar, Devikulam are amongst the most popular hill stations that Kerala is home to. Munnar can mesmerize you with its wide stretched tea plantations, dams, lakes and the pleasant weather. On the other hand, Devikulam’s sandalwood forests, Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary and the Pallivasal waterfalls can leave you with a thoroughly refreshing experience. There are many honeymoon destinations that Kerala tourism has got to offer which will surely woo you. Natural beauty, wildlife, backwaters or the marvelous architecture, the state has something for every couple, therefore choosing Kerala as your honeymoon destination will be a wise decision to make.

Ooty Tourism; nature’s abode and manmade wonder

Hill stations are always a perfect retreat for the entire family, visiting Ooty will make you feel this in every sense. Whether a newly married couple, family or a short break alone away from the hustle and bustle of city life; a tour to Ooty will leave you relaxed and awestruck by nature’s beauty. Below are some of the most popular destinations Ooty has to offer:

Rose garden: Ooty is home to India’s largest rose garden where you can find more than 20,000 varieties of roses! The sight of this garden is truly a visual treat. This place is a must visit for every visitor and will surely make you marvel at nature’s beauty.

Deer Park: For the wildlife adventurers, Ooty’s deer park is the ideal spot. Enjoy the beautiful view spread across acres of land and go deer spotting. Take your camera along and you could get to capture some rare moments too.

Ooty lake and Kalhatti Falls: The Ooty lake and Kalhatti falls will leave you mesmerized by their beauty. At the Ooty lake, you can experience peace with your loved ones on a boat ride across 65 acres. The Kalhatti falls on the other hand will charm you with their mystical presence.

St. Stephen's Church: revisit the Gothic era at St. Stephen Church and marvel at the man-made beauty you witness here. The artistically done interiors and the spectacular inside view will give you a divine feel. 

Honey and Bee museum: This museum is dedicated completely to efforts that go into making of honey. Right from bee farming to the honey collection process, whatever goes into the making of honey will surely surprise you after visiting the honey and bee museum.

If you are looking for destinations that provide the wholesome experience of nature, wildlife and man-made beauty, then a tour to Ooty awaits you!

Experience the Majestic waterfalls of Kerala

Nature’s gifts can be found in abundance in the state of Kerala, no denial about this fact. One of the many such natural marvels one can enjoy in this state are the soothing waterfalls. The milky white water, gushing through tall hills and dashing the rocks, when meets your eyes is bound to create a magical effect. The famous Athirapally waterfalls promise a breathtaking view. The beauty of these falls located amidst lush greenery is truly captivating, perfect to bring out the romantic within you. Just a few kilometers away you can enjoy the view of Vazhachal falls. Both the waterfalls have blossomed out of the Chalakkudy River, which is the fourth largest river in Kerala. The waterfalls of Palaruvi will give a sight that will leave you awestruck. Palaruvi means a milky stream; this is exactly how the waterfalls appear alongside the lush green woods. Kerala tourism has many more such waterfalls that will serve as idyllic sightseeing spots for you. Whether you like nature photography or love being in the woods for hours, a dedicated tour to explore the numerous waterfalls that God’s own country has to offer is a must. Visit Kerala and experience the natural bliss yourself!

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Cochin, city that recites history

The city of Cochin can serve as a reminder of the past eras; on the other hand it can also be called as one of the most advanced cities the state of Kerala. From the Chinese fishing nets, historic architectural structures to the churches, every spot here has a story to tell.

Dutch palace: The Dutch palace, also known as the Mattancherry Palace will remind you of the Portuguese era and the rich Indian heritage. This palace was constructed by the Portuguese which is the reason one can find many elements of their culture in its architecture. It was gifted to the Rajah of Kochi, who further made alterations in the palace and added the Indian appeal to it. The two storeyed palace has beautiful depiction of Hindu gods and tells numerous mythological stories. The interiors of this historical structure are adorned by artwork that will astonish you.

Chinese fishing nets: When in Cochin you cannot miss the sight of Chinese fishing nets spread across the Kochi fort beach. Installed by the side of the beach, these nets are different from the usual fishing nets. These are huge nets, supported by bamboos installed at the shore. It is said that the Chinese introduced these unique and useful fishing nets here and since then have become an inseparable part of the local fishermen, supporting their daily bread.

St Francis Church: St Francis church reflects the European era in India and is also the oldest European church built in India. The gravestone of Vasco Da Gama here is a major tourist attraction for Cochin tourism. There you are bound to go into the depths of the historic events the church has witnessed . Not very often one gets to see and experience history as closely as in the St Francis church , and this can be best felt only when you visit it.

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