Thursday, December 13, 2012

Enjoy a Lazy Vacation in the Backwaters of Kerala

The thought of Kerala holidays, brings to mind backwaters to most of us. To experience the ultimate backwaters magic no doubt the state of Kerala is the best place. The luxurious houseboats, bent coconut trees, fishermen fish hunting around and splendid views can leave any person awestruck. Alleppey and Kumarakom are the most popular destinations to explore the mesmerizing backwaters. Read on to know what you can expect from these two destinations of Kerala.

Alleppey: A small town of god’s own country, Alleppey is blessed with ponds, rivers and soothing backwaters. The residents of this town are simple and nature loving people, something you will easily make out while roaming in the streets here. However the sight of the backwaters and the houseboats that are equipped with every modern day amenity will blow your mind. The lazy pace of these houseboats will give you ample time to enjoy the spectacular surroundings. From getting to taste the most authentic local food to sipping fresh coconut water, you can indulge in these and many such moments during your stay in houseboats.

Kumarakom: The village of Kumarakom remains unscathed from pollution and therefore forms an ideal backdrop for a relaxed vacation. The Kumarakom bird sanctuary and the backwaters are two of the most important experiences every visitor needs to soak in. Spotting the most exotic, vibrant looking and melodious birds and capturing them in your camera lens will prove to be a thoroughly delightful adventure in the woods! This doesn’t end here; the grandeur of houseboats awaits you further. Spoil yourself, laze around in houseboats that are spacious enough to make you feel like you are in an affluent suite or try fishing post-sunset; the options will be many and memories created worth cherishing.

A Kerala tour especially a backwater escape is all that you need to unwind during your vacation. So you don’t need to go around the world in search of destinations that provide you experiences apt for your appetite, Alleppey and Kumarakom have it all.


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