Friday, August 17, 2012

Kerala Wildlife Tours - Make your Wildlife expedition an adventurous one in Kerala

Wildlife enthusiasts are bound to be mesmerized by the numerous wildlife sanctuaries and national parks the state of Kerala is home to. The evergreen rainforests and other forest regions that cover around 24% of the entire area of Kerala are the main reasons behind more than 10 wildlife sanctuaries in this state alone. If you are planning to spend a vacation in the lap of nature going animal spotting in the dense, lush green jungles then Kerala is the place to be. Below mentioned are some terrific wildlife sanctuaries and national parks that will make your Holidays in Kerala unforgettable.

Periyar Wildlife sanctuary: The area of Periyar wildlife sanctuary begins from the banks of the river Periyar which is the longest river in Kerala. This place is known for its tiger and elephant reserve and is also home to hundreds of different species of birds. When here you can spot tigers lazing in the thick forest or the elephants marching around; such marvelous views are best enjoyed on a boat ride. Kingfishers, deer, mongoose, leopards are just a few of the many species of animals and birds you can have a glimpse of at the Periyar wildlife sanctuary.

Thattekad Bird Sanctuary: Known as the richest bird habitat on the Indian peninsular, Thattekad bird sanctuary is the ultimate destination for bird-watching. From the yellow bulbuls to darters, frogmouths to Large Hawk-Cuckoo, watching these birds flying fearlessly or sitting on a quiet tree branch is a true visual treat. Naturally scenic background and the vibrant birds are true delights for the avid wildlife photographers.

Eravikulam National Park: When you think about Ervaikulam national park the first thought in your mind would generally be about the Nilgiri Thar. The endangered species of Nilgiri Thars are being preserved in their natural habitat in the best possible way at the Eravikulam national park. Animals like the small clawed otter, Nilgiri langur, Indian porcupine etc can be spotted here as well. 

Silent Valley National Park: The Silent Valley National Park is sure to woo you with its green landscape that stretches across a considerably wide area. The diverse plants, lively flowers scattered all around and more than 15 species of animals together make this national park a perfect blend of nature in itself. Visit this place once and you fall short of time to explore every aspect of this buzzing valley.

Above mentioned attractions are just a few of the many naturally pleasing and enticing wildlife getaways of Kerala. The options for nature explorers are never ending in god’s own country, just plan your tour to kerala and experience the thrill of wildlife adventure to the fullest.


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